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Walking in Truth

Sunday, 18th October

Why does the soul need to be mended? It says in the Bible that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Jesus came so we can be free and can know the truth. Things stop us coming into light. We are hurt, we don’t want to talk about the past. Today the pastors shared five areas of abuse: sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect abuse, and spiritual abuse.

Experiences shape believes, which shape thoughts, which shape feelings, which shape actions. The fruits we bear are the end results. So we are to go back to the past and to change the fruits of the present. We are made image of God and enemy uses abuse to shame us, isolate us from God and people. We need to be willing to receive healing, like what Joseph did to his brothers.

When we share our stories, we took away power from the enemy. Jesus is weeping for our abuse. We protect our feelings and stop communicating with others. God wants to come to our lives and heal us, therefore He created church. In the Book of Isaiah, it says that God will bind up the broken-hearted, and proclaimed freedom for the captives. Emotional, spiritual, and relational honesties bring healing and freedom.

Darkness cannot exist even with a small light, and God needs to carve out anything in us that is not like God. The things we don’t want to share are the things we should share. Therefore, let us walk into the light of God!