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What is Our Calling?

Sunday, 16th August 2020

Pastor Bill Johnson

The Lord’s Prayer is the foundation of our Great Commission. The first part of the Lord’s Prayer gives us a model for life and this is a model of heaven. Our prayer to the Lords needs to be specific and with the authority Jesus has given to us.

Parents will not give children an assignment they cannot fulfill and the same with our Father in Heaven. He has given us the assignment to heal the sick and cast out demon, and He will make sure we have everything we need to carry it out! We need to trust in Him!

In the Heaven, everything is creative and extremely productive. Of course God also has authority in this earth, but just like how a landlord will sign a contract with the tenants, God will not force us to work with Him without an invitation from us.

As Christians we have responsibility through prayers and we need to pray as well as to act! If Jesus has all authority then it means Satan has no authority. So what are we waiting for? Jesus has already told us to go and given us this authority. This assignment has no flaw!

A lot of time we thing we are not ready and we think we are not good enough. But the truth is, we don’t discover who we are by studying who we are; we discover who we are by studying who God is! As we see Him we become like Him and this journey of discovery strengths our relationship with Him. We often wants to reach the destination straight away but God enjoys the journey with us. There are some things God will do for us but for the things we really want them to happen, God will do them through us.

The Word of God is a sword we take into our future. Whenever the lies of Satan are in our ear, we should cut it off with the sword! The enemy will always come between us and the fulfillment of the Promise. Therefore it’s important to always proclaim God’s Promises to us!

Now is the time to pray, to act and to proclaim!