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Win-Win Love

Sunday, 9th July 2023

Pastor Xue Ren Chow

Marriage makes two people into one family, but gradually they forgot that they are also lovers. Why many people are not happy in their marriage even though both the husband and the wife are faithful good people? In a marriage, nobody needs to give up on love. 

Jesus looks at our heart, He wants us to keep our first love. When we are willing to return and repent, to be more like Jesus and to learn to be a son. When we become the son, we will have the love of the Father, and we can love others. When we learn to love we will also see things differently. God will give us a good eyesight to see others the way He sees them. God created women to be the helpers, do not try to be better than women, but to accept their help.

We must leave self-pity, and start to embrace everything God gives us. We will all be accountable to God at the end of the day, do we use every resource God gives to us wisely? Also we must always give thanks to God, to do what pleases God and to seek the heart of God. Stop comparing ourselves with others, but to encourage each other to be better.

When was the last time we feel the love of God? Do we do a lot of things trying to cover the emptiness inside us? We need the love of God, and we must keep our first love for God. 

Rev Daniel Xi An Poon

God wants to set us free, to restore the identity God first crated us to be. God’s presence is with us, we have a choice to be set free. God wants us to arise and shine, He will take away all our shame, and give us light. No matter how horrible we are in the past, when we choose to turn back to God, to bring our focus back to God, He will not let us down.